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At the founding of the scouting movement in 1910, Lord Baden-Powell said,
“Scouting is a game for boys, run by boys, and overseen by adults.”

This insight still holds true today as the scouting movement makes great strides toward the century mark.

You son needs you, your presence at troop events, your example as a troop leader, your demonstration that the mission and vision of scouting have meaning for you.
This commitment does not have to be overwhelming. It just takes an hour a week to make a difference.

Please talk TODAY with our scoutmaster or troop committee chair about being a merit badge
counselor, assistant scoutmaster, or participating another way in your son's scouting life.

Want to learn more about how scouting works and what you can do to help? See the
http://www.scouting.org/Parent.aspx  Website.

For information about Troop 22's specific practices to apply BSA general guidelines, see
the troop policy under the Forms/Document Tab above.